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  • Video 1: Create Unique Drum Tones Using Common Samples
  • Video 2: Is Programmed Bass Better Than Real Bass?
  • Video 3Creating An Amp Sim Tone That Doesn’t Suck Ass
  • Video 4: How I Out-Mastered A Multimillion Dollar Studio 
    (using only plugins) 
  • Bonus: A Step-By-Step Guide To Your Studio's First Paid Project

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What is this "From Shit To Gold" thing all about?

It's the most detailed, easy-to-follow, premium-quality, step-by-step mixing course available in the heavy-music genre. Period.

I spent 7 months and hundreds of hours of my own personal time into creating this course from scratch, and it's helped hundreds of producers improve their mixes and grow their client lists. 

See Every Single Thing I Do, From Beginning To End

From Shit To Gold

In this course I guide you through every single thing I would do on typical song that I'm being paid to mix. This course contains the mixing knowledge that has turned my humble home studio into a consistent six-figure/year business. 

Listen to the clips below to hear how far I'll take you in this course:

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No-Bullshit, No-Secrets-Kept, Step-By-Step Guide to Mixing Heavy Music

  • 9 hours of content split into 65 well-labeled videos
  • Watch the entire transformation - from raw, shitty, unmixed tracks, to final master
  • Includes Pro Tools session, Cubase Sessions, Reaper Sessions, and raw WAV files so you can create your own mix along with the course videos
  • Everything is mixed in the box (no outboard gear necessary)
  • Fast-forward through your next few years of bullshit trial and error